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tj Wa
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tj Wa i like it its cool. o K Favorite track: Double Peak.
Michael Jones
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Michael Jones I only put up with this band cuz they know where i live and will hunt me down. on the flip side you cant rape the willing ;) Favorite track: Growing Pains.
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released March 29, 2013

Recorded and mixed by Alfredo Oresto with Pinebox Recording at Signature Sound Studio in San Diego, Ca

Mastered by Nick Thompson



all rights reserved


HEADWAY San Diego, California

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Track Name: For What It's Worth
back and forth
no one tells you if it's worth it
until you hit a wall and you're gone 
look back and see what we left behind
was there more that i could have done

right now I have nothing to prove to you.

the things you carry
have no place after this 
does it mean more than reliving regret
what's it all worth anyway...
Track Name: Double Peak
your blindness just kills me
cause all your features fail to see
the cloudiness that creeps up with the cold
as you look to the sky
think why should I try
remember that you were told
nothing but a lonely place
tends to leave a nothing taste
this has never meant so much before
breathe in the scape It's all I know
as much as I'd like this isn't home

I write these things while my minds away
It was the only thing that refused to stay
my closest friend who just left me
then realized that friend was me

Ill take this place back

and all our friends will say in the end
this truly was our hearts work penned

I’m taking these words off my mind
now I’m breaking
why can't I live without this place
I need to keep up this pace
I never wanted it all
I’m taking these words off my mind
now I’m breaking
those things you said were not right
I'll always hope to see
a seeking soul for my life to be
I never wanted it all
Track Name: Growing Pains
my life has been headed
down this dead road
and all I could think was
where did I go wrong
was it this windy road slowly crushing me
and all I can see are these oak trees
its supposed to lead me where I want to be
but I realized my focus
has been on the wrong things
hoping for something
to appear out of thin air
which brings me to laugh at myself

like my dad once told me
you fight for what you believe
so I meticulously put myself at ease
and holding on is not an option
I wont forget what you told me
nothing in this world is free

these trees placed in front of me
and they wont budge because
despite being living things
they’re tougher than concrete
and though they bleed
they outlive you and me
these roots so deep I just have to believe
that this is the life I want to lead
as strong as the tree on this hill

you were never the one
to uproot me like this
and the lack of sunlight is making me miss
these opportunities to learn
and grow from my mistakes
I am a gambling man this is my only stake

with the strength to stand tall
despite this tormented will
courage to face the death
this world has to offer
and do nothing but sway with the wind
this is the nature I wish to achieve
Track Name: Hindsight
don't take this personal
I’ve stepped outside your parallel
and we all saw it coming
and didn’t do a thing about it

I sat and watched you fall apart
no stepping stone or rock will I be for you
cause and effect
have made us two different people
heart to heart, reoccurring theme
exist no more from
a place that was once a home
for all of us to stay means you have to go
that path that we once followed
won’t be here again in this lifetime

I remember when
we had hopes back then
we named off our feats
laid out in front of us
Track Name: Hopeless (but Hoping)
takes all the time in this life up
these words are wise
no time for seconds
I'm losing my presence
between past and future
is where I am best at
on this ridge I stand, no limits in mind
I never wanted to be what they expected

this foreign thing
flowing through my chest
where my lungs should breathe
but I'm choking to death
my hearts pumped dry
my veins are cold as ice
my blood should be free
I feel it clotting instead

Ill hold on tight to this floating device
I will rise up to the highest of heights
never want it, never need it so I try
never want it, expectations are my vice

make your place
coming through
take your regrets to learn from
Track Name: Bare
taking your words back
sunken deep in this vessel Still floating
this flailing mind torments
It's killing me softly slowly still floating
cause every time I come around
you always look for the way to drown
the things in life i love everything I live for
you won't weigh me down

It's draining
your insistent way just keeps taking
I'm losing hope in this lately

If I had done this for you
I would have ended it before I'd get
permission from you
and with conviction you brag
of all potential that I once had

every time i hear your lies ill take note
no need to sympathize
when i pack my things up
and leave everything behind
your name will urge me foreword
and push me up until
i've stepped up on your words
ill choose to give up earned fuck you's
kicking the dust right off my shoes

some things are more than you'll care to know